The Pill: Sugar-coated liberation or corporate-societal control?

This is a really strange topic for me to cover on the blog, and also a really strange one for you to read about. But I do think it’s important. It feels uncomfortable as well because it involves me being more personal about something that is totally mine – not an ‘issue’, not a phenomenon,Continue reading “The Pill: Sugar-coated liberation or corporate-societal control?”

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! In the lead-up to today, may have been highlighting the plight of women around the world – who don’t have access to education or resources, who are abused, who are discriminated against, whose gender makes them vulnerable – if you’ve spent time on the blog, you probably are aware of someContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

#internationalwomensday inspiring change

Today I get to celebrate women at 3 International Women’s Day events with work. I’m just back from the first, and I’m still processing it – it was hugely inspiring. Belfast is known for its construction of the Titanic, and in recent years has opened the Titanic Centre, which tells the story of the shipContinue reading “#internationalwomensday inspiring change”


There are many, many great women in the world. This week (and especially tomorrow), we celebrate them.Β  There are many, many great women in the blogosphere. I’d like to celebrate them, too.Β  4 of my bloggin’ (and real life) faves: 1. Emma Wood My housemate is recovering from an eating disorder. She is a beautifulContinue reading “#INTERNATIONALWOMENSDAY Blog Edition”

5 minutes of violent objectification

“Turning a human being into a thing is almost always the first step toward justifying violence against that person. That step is already and constantly taken with women.” Jean Kilbourne