Marrakech: a guide (feat how not to get scammed, where to get the best couscous, and PDA!)

For as long as I remember, I’ve wanted to visit Marrakech. Maybe it was because of Mustafa, our neighbour, whose generous laugh and plates of couscous always seemed so inviting. So it was with lots of excitement that Dan and I travelled to the ‘Red City’, and also had our first taste of the AfricanContinue reading “Marrakech: a guide (feat how not to get scammed, where to get the best couscous, and PDA!)”

Capture NI || Causeway Coastal Route

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through August?! We may still be waiting for summer to turn up here in Northern Ireland but this weekend, Dan and I decided to make the most of what we had and explore the Causeway Coastal Route. It’s no secret that the Causeway Coast is one of our favourites, soContinue reading “Capture NI || Causeway Coastal Route”

Adventure, she said.

She stumbled until she was four inches from my face, broke out into a wide-mouthed grin that made her eyes light up like fireworks and cheekily said: “Adventure.” It was a rainy Tuesday morning in July – the kind that feels and looks like a rainy Tuesday morning in November, but no one says thatContinue reading “Adventure, she said.”


There’s something profound about the impact leaving your environment has on how you relate to your environment when you return. There’s also something profoundly fun about going somewhere nice! Dan and I are LivingSocial superfans and we got a great deal on one of our favourite hotels for Christmas. Using it on Valentines weekend seemedContinue reading “A TRIP TO DONEGAL”


So I didn’t think I would write a post about this, but in deciding to savour the lovely travelling moments of 2014, and in realising that Donegal is indeed outside of Northern Ireland, I allowed myself a little ‘listening to my life’ moment while enjoying memories from a restful weekend! Amidst busy work schedules, aContinue reading “2014 SNAPSHOT: DONEGAL”

2014 Snapshot: London

I got to travel twice in January – 2014 is shaping up well! This trip was part work, part leisure. I got to visit the Stop the Traffik offices to work on an exciting project (that will be announced soon) and to attend the first meeting of the STT UK steering group. A real privilege toContinue reading “2014 Snapshot: London”