I am Mrs Brown

Even before Dan and I got engaged, my friends began joking around about my name change. Mrs Brown. #TeamGB. Brownie. And to be honest, beyond the giggles, it did overwhelm me a little bit. Take a step back with me for a second.Β  The strongest thread that runs through my life and my work isContinue reading “I am Mrs Brown”


I was shopping with some birthday money a couple of weeks ago and came across something new. I knew sizes were getting smaller in UK shops from shopping online, but it wasn’t until I saw a nice sparkly top in Primark that I had a closer look and realised that instead of 8 being theContinue reading “WOMEN: DON’T BE SMALL”

Elliot Rodger & Gender Violence

This weekend, news broke of the deaths of 7 peopleΒ in Isla Vista, California. One of these was thought to have killed the other 6 with 3 weapons.Β  It has emerged that the person who killed 4 men on his way to and 2 women in a sorority house associated with UCSB, was Elliot Rodger. AsContinue reading “Elliot Rodger & Gender Violence”

Did Noah even wear deodorant? Or, Lynx does it again.

My attention was brought this evening to Lynx’s ad for their Get It On For The End Of The World 2012 deodorant spray. Tapping into the Mayan prediction that 2012 will see the world’s end, the ad is set in a post-apocalyptic style world where a man roams alone (whilst the lyric “no man canContinue reading “Did Noah even wear deodorant? Or, Lynx does it again.”