The Merry-go-round; or I Am Enough, Part I

I think I’ve been writing this post for over a decade. Maybe that’s the problem. I was 14, making a list of things to do to make myself look better – ‘remember to pluck eyebrows once a week’, ‘always paint nails’, ‘find teeth whitener’. I was 16, planning the steps I would take to beContinue reading “The Merry-go-round; or I Am Enough, Part I”

The Man In The Moon

All these beautiful people – Friends and lovers, He’s and she’s, Hims and hers All of them – gone. Last night, Dan and I went to see Man In The Moon, a play about a West Belfast man trying to make sense of life’s difficulties. Debt, brotherhood, substance abuse, family breakdown, friendship, relationship difficulties, earlyContinue reading “The Man In The Moon”

Don’t Call Me Beautiful.

“You’re just so pretty, aren’t you?”…”Look at that beautiful smile!”…”Aw, what a gorgeous dress!” In the world of children (and especially girls), compliments on physical attributes are just as common as “More juice, please” (the “please” is optional) and “There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!” Dove has reported from its global research that onlyContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Beautiful.”

Baby, I Was Born This Way

Self-esteem: confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. (Oxford English Dictionary 2008) I’ve been struck recently by the pursuit of self-esteem that seems to be at the forefront of our society’s agenda. TIME ran an article last month on research carried by Ohio State University that found college/university students to choose a boost in self-esteemContinue reading “Baby, I Was Born This Way”