CAPTURE NI || Holiday Packing List

So we’re about to head off on our big adventure involving 7 flights, 6 hotels, 4 countries and 2 houses! We can’t wait. I’ve told you what I’ll be listening to, and I’ll be writing about what I’ll be reading on Friday, but today I thought I’d tell you about some (local and not-so-local) goodiesContinue reading “CAPTURE NI || Holiday Packing List”


I was shopping with some birthday money a couple of weeks ago and came across something new. I knew sizes were getting smaller in UK shops from shopping online, but it wasn’t until I saw a nice sparkly top in Primark that I had a closer look and realised that instead of 8 being theContinue reading “WOMEN: DON’T BE SMALL”


Today is the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy during which 1,345 people died at a factory in Bangladesh where their safety and well-being was constantly ignored. The factory produced goods bought by many popular high-street retailers, and the pressure for the promotion of fair treatment and workers’ rights has continued since then.Continue reading “WhoMadeMyClothes?”