I was shopping with some birthday money a couple of weeks ago and came across something new. I knew sizes were getting smaller in UK shops from shopping online, but it wasn’t until I saw a nice sparkly top in Primark that I had a closer look and realised that instead of 8 being theContinue reading “WOMEN: DON’T BE SMALL”


Lads’ mag Nuts is set to close after seeing its sales plunge by a third since being pulled from Co-operative supermarket stores.Β Last year thousands of us called on shops to ‘lose the lads’ mags’ – and the Co-operative’s subsequent action is testament to what’s possible when we speak out together. This is really good news.Continue reading “NUTS CLOSES DOWN”

Monster – Updated

27.06.2011 update: MTV will NOT be screening the video. Yes!!! (via Adios Barbie) Thank you for having taken the time to sign the petition and stand against this atrocity. You have made a difference! 08.06.2011 update: The official version of the video is here: http://www.twitvid.com/BBBAX (WARNING: the video is extremely offensive and graphic. I doContinue reading “Monster – Updated”