You know you’ve found The One when… 1. They are human, and you are too.  2. You have shared values. 3. You are both are capable of communication. 4. You want to spend time together. 5. You find each other quite smoochable. This is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and when I asked ‘how you knowContinue reading “TOP 5 TIPS FOR KNOWING WHEN YOU’VE FOUND THE ONE.”

January Book 1: The Five Love Languages

OK, time to try to reach one of my 2014 goals! I finished my first book of 2014 last week. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman The child of a marriage counselling team, I couldn’t help but hear talk of love languages quite early on. I knew what the theory suggested in terms ofContinue reading “January Book 1: The Five Love Languages”

2014: 5 GOALS

There is always risk in vocalising/publicising things you WANT to do, as there is always the chance you don’t follow through and end up looking like an idiot. However, there is power in sharing, and so perhaps sharing my ‘goals’ for 2014 will help keep me on my toes. I don’t think I’ll accomplish allContinue reading “2014: 5 GOALS”