My 5 Newborn Essentials

When I was pregnant, I trawled through countless articles and videos claiming to be the “only newborn essentials list you’ll ever need”…but found it all a bit overwhelming and confusing. I really wanted to be well-prepared, but also wanted to avoid gathering lots of stuff and cluttering the house/hurting my bank balance! If you areContinue reading “My 5 Newborn Essentials”

Marrakech: a guide (feat how not to get scammed, where to get the best couscous, and PDA!)

For as long as I remember, I’ve wanted to visit Marrakech. Maybe it was because of Mustafa, our neighbour, whose generous laugh and plates of couscous always seemed so inviting. So it was with lots of excitement that Dan and I travelled to the ‘Red City’, and also had our first taste of the AfricanContinue reading “Marrakech: a guide (feat how not to get scammed, where to get the best couscous, and PDA!)”

On the longest night of the year

On the longest night of the year for a friend As you hold your vigil in the wee hours, as you mourn the loss of day, let the tears roll down your cheeks. See them, acknowledge them, set them free. They may become the fertile soil the poets once praised, or they may simply soak yourContinue reading “On the longest night of the year”

Love Languages at Christmas

LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TO GO! Are you all set for Christmas? One of the funnest things about the season is, I think, picking out gifts for people. And this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the different kinds of gifts we give. Ready to get creative? Here we go… I first became awareContinue reading “Love Languages at Christmas”

One Year of Marriage & The Farm Yard of Dreams

Oh goodness. I have news. Big news. Blogosphere, I have found my new home. We spent our anniversary weekend in Newcastle at the gorgeously luxurious Slieve Donard. Such. A. Treat. As cliche as it sounds, I can’t believe it’s been a year already. That means it’s three years since I discovered the oh-so handsome bassContinue reading “One Year of Marriage & The Farm Yard of Dreams”

On cake and privilege and speaking up and shutting up.

So much has been said and as I begin to type my ring finger lingers over the backspace key, trying to make sense of what kept me up last night, wondering if I should leave space and silence to do the shouting. Settle down. Breathe, for goodness sake. Listen. I’m white. I’m rich. Educated, and employed. MarriedContinue reading “On cake and privilege and speaking up and shutting up.”


People usually give up things for Lent. My friend Sarah, on the other hand, decided to take on the challenge of blogging every day (just as she has returned to work after having the cutest little baby boy!) on different themes around faith. She invited me to guest post today on the topic of ‘charity’.Continue reading “CHARITY: LOVE IN ACTION”

7 pieces of advice for people without Valentines

Dear singletons, In four days’ time, some of us will be sprinkling red rose petals and serenading the citizens of Paris with Celine Dion covers from atop the Eiffel Tower before dancing under the stars/kissing in the rain. Some of us. The rest of us might indeed have Valentines and choose to do a) nothingContinue reading “7 pieces of advice for people without Valentines”


I watched this video this morning and I think it’s brightened my day/week/month. Hope it does the same to yours. It also reminds me of an article my friend Mel wrote yesterday about something that happened when we were in Rio. Check it out here. Great thoughts and words. The video is a part ofContinue reading “I LIKE GIVING AND THE YOUNGEST 98 YEAR OLD YOU WILL EVER MEET”


Thanks for your response to yesterday’s post. I’ve really enjoyed the conversation and think it’s an important one to have. What I was intent on doing yesterday was to dispel myths I had come across that I believed to be unhelpful – that have been in my life or that I’ve seen be difficult forContinue reading “(ANOTHER) TOP TIP FOR KNOWING WHEN YOU’VE FOUND THE ONE.”