Hung’s story has haunted me since I heard it. It is of significant concern that where indicators of human trafficking are identified in cases before the courts that no consideration is being given to the possibility that the person is a victim of human trafficking.


40. The number of victims recovered from trafficking in NI since April 2013*. (We said 39 originally, but 1 rescued from cannabis cultivation last week.) The highest annual total so far – over 170% higher than last year – which is down to effective policing and heightened community awareness (NOT to an increase in the activityContinue reading “40”

12 Years A Slave

Yesterday was the release day for Steve McQueen’s much-anticipated film on the life of Solomon Upnorth, 12 Years A Slave. The movie is based on a book he wrote of his ordeal as a free man in New York, kidnapped in Washington and exploited in a life of slavery for 12 years. The film isContinue reading “12 Years A Slave”

Rio, part 1.

Annnd we’re back! Blogosphere, I have neglected you, and I’m sorry. My last two posts were snippets of guest posts so they don’t even really count! But what better way to get back up on that horse than to blog about one of my most amazing experiences of my life so far…a trip to RIOContinue reading “Rio, part 1.”

I am a spoiled brat

My 4-month fast from Diet Coke and clothes shopping to raise awareness and funds for ended a few days ago. Now that I have enjoyed both of these things, many thoughts are swirling around my mind. Here are some things people asked throughout and at the end of it: Did I miss Diet CokeContinue reading “I am a spoiled brat”

Donating the funds we have raised

There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today. The crime and tragedy of slavery is taking place everywhere in the world, and takes on many different faces. Since September 1st 2010, 34 people; and over 120 more since December 2010, have been renouncing their use of luxury products or habits to raiseContinue reading “Donating the funds we have raised”

Being a drop…

Dear Blogosphere, I must first apologise for the very much failed attempt at regular blogging made evident by the posts on this page…oops! There is no excuse – perhaps other than feeling that a 23 year old student teacher may not have an awful lot of helpful input into the world! Despite this, I haveContinue reading “Being a drop…”

Modern day slavery, part 2.

“I can’t think of anything worse than the trafficking of children for exploitation. Although doing nothing comes close.” Steve Graham But it is so easy to feel helpless in the face of such a great evil. Thankfully, there are many organisations working in researching the problem, in the prevention of human trafficking, in the freeingContinue reading “Modern day slavery, part 2.”

Modern day slavery…an open sore of our world.

December 10, 1948 – United Nations – Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 4: No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. “Slavery was, in a very real sense, the first international human rights issue to come to the fore. It ledContinue reading “Modern day slavery…an open sore of our world.”