BRIDE BLOG #15: Top Ten (wedding-y) Tips

Here we are…the end of the Bride Blog series! It’s been lots of fun, mainly because it meant I got to marry my best friend and begin the most exciting journey I’ve ever been on, but also because it meant interviewing tremendously talented people, sharing tips I gathered from wiser souls, and the inevitable ooh-ingContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #15: Top Ten (wedding-y) Tips”


Ok, no, I haven’t. And I’m suppppper excited about being married soon! It has struck me though that there is a crazy expectation that engaged couples spend all of their engagement wedding planning. There is SO much information out there about engagements, weddings, home-building. And that’s usually really good stuff. However, there is little about marriageContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #4: HONEY, I LOST THE MARRIAGE”