BRIDE BLOG #2: an ETHICAL wedding?

I wrote last week that I felt the wedding industry was like a blown-up version of the beauty industry; it would be more true to say that the wedding industry is like a louder, brighter, bigger version of everything…food, transport, accommodation, clothing, decorations, printing: a lot of everyday things wrapped up in bows for aContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #2: an ETHICAL wedding?”

Did Noah even wear deodorant? Or, Lynx does it again.

My attention was brought this evening to Lynx’s ad for their Get It On For The End Of The World 2012 deodorant spray. Tapping into the Mayan prediction that 2012 will see the world’s end, the ad is set in a post-apocalyptic style world where a man roams alone (whilst the lyric “no man canContinue reading “Did Noah even wear deodorant? Or, Lynx does it again.”