Don’t Call Me Beautiful.

“You’re just so pretty, aren’t you?”…”Look at that beautiful smile!”…”Aw, what a gorgeous dress!” In the world of children (and especially girls), compliments on physical attributes are just as common as “More juice, please” (the “please” is optional) and “There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!” Dove has reported from its global research that onlyContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Beautiful.”

Frankie, Rihanna, Taylor and you.

The term ‘role model’ is overused and under-appreciated in today’s society where impressionable people (ie: the human race) are exposed to thousands upon thousands of images, messages, words, sounds, emotions from people in the spotlight every day. Though the loss of mystique and talent appreciated solely on its own merit is a sad one; itContinue reading “Frankie, Rihanna, Taylor and you.”

”I crossed the line”…Kanye, you certainly did.

08.06.2011 update: The official version of the video is here: (WARNING: the video is extremely offensive and graphic. I do NOT recommend watching it.) They have taken out the young girls from Jay-Z’s scene, but the video remains absolutely sick. The written message at the beginning of the video states that its content isContinue reading “”I crossed the line”…Kanye, you certainly did.”