On the turning of the seasons; or letting go.

I watch the seasons as they dance onto centre-stage like clockwork, when their names are called. As each hears its melody, it performs with its own light and shadows and palette of colours to embolden, bringing to life its charge. Sometimes a season may linger like a lover’s scent, other time it wipes the slate cleanContinue reading “On the turning of the seasons; or letting go.”


Tragedy struck my dear friend and her family two years ago and I think we’ll always remember the day it happened, as well as the subsequent moments of tearful whys and twists and corners that just didn’t seem fair, which Charlotte and her family walked through with such bravery. Charlotte has written the raw reflections youContinue reading “TWO YEARS ON”

January Book 4: Things We Couldn’t Say

January’s 4th and final book was actually its third in that I started reading it after the one on Popeye people, or Holy Discontent…but I finished it last – in fact, I finished it yesterday, on the 2nd of February. Oops! The book was Things We Couldn’t Say, by Diet Eman. In a word, IContinue reading “January Book 4: Things We Couldn’t Say”