The Art of Asking Good Questions

“So, tell me about you. How are things?” I begin my terrifying wild goose chase for an answer. “I’m fine!” Grammar alert, that’s not what they asked. “Things are fine?” Bit vague, Gemma. “This little thing of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” Now we’re way off. Ok, I jest, I jest. It’s not reallyContinue reading “The Art of Asking Good Questions”

The Man In The Moon

All these beautiful people – Friends and lovers, He’s and she’s, Hims and hers All of them – gone. Last night, Dan and I went to see Man In The Moon, a play about a West Belfast man trying to make sense of life’s difficulties. Debt, brotherhood, substance abuse, family breakdown, friendship, relationship difficulties, earlyContinue reading “The Man In The Moon”