An Advent Reflection: Home

I sat on the bathroom floor, hoping the cold tiles would relieve the warmth I felt in my tears that were erasing the effort I had made to at least look sparkly in the absence of feeling even remotely joyous. It was my first Christmas in Northern Ireland since I was two. We had justContinue reading “An Advent Reflection: Home”

What is your dream?

HAPPY WEDNESDAY NIGHT! With just a few days before the 63rd anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech, I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams and the profound impact they make on us and on our world. Actually, this month at No More Traffik we launched a campaign to celebrate dreams.Continue reading “What is your dream?”

I am Mrs Brown

Even before Dan and I got engaged, my friends began joking around about my name change. Mrs Brown. #TeamGB. Brownie. And to be honest, beyond the giggles, it did overwhelm me a little bit. Take a step back with me for a second.  The strongest thread that runs through my life and my work isContinue reading “I am Mrs Brown”


I spent a lot of yesterday gawking at my phone/computer and gasping as our wee country struggled to get it together and ended the day with a very mixed tone. I asked how people were feeling on Twitter. Here are some responses. To back-track: Pastor James McConnell from Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast preached a sermon twoContinue reading “MCCONNELL, ROBINSON, LO AND NORTHERN IRISH CLIMATE CHANGE.”


Tomorrow sees the launch of No More Traffik’s 3rd Awareness Festival. Our aim is to make some noise about human trafficking so that NI is aware & able to act. Can you help spread the word this week, too?   This is the programme of organised events. It’s not too late to join – talkContinue reading “NOMORETRAFFIK2014”

Dr Seuss and Seamus Heaney, and hope.

i. I grew up reading and being read Dr Seuss tales of Cats in Hats, Greens Eggs and Ham and The Sneetches. I dreamed of The Places I’d Go on rhyming roads and dancing words, and at Christmas, enjoyed reading of how the Whos reclaimed Christmas from The Grinch. ii. My fiancé and I enjoy comparingContinue reading “Dr Seuss and Seamus Heaney, and hope.”