The Night Alive at The Lyric

Oh, Autumn weekends just have to be my favourite. Lighting candles and crunching leaves, warming recipes and hiding out under blankets. Everything seems to be a little quieter, a little slower…and I love it. One thing that (thankfully) is doing the opposite of slowing down, however, is The Lyric’s incredible schedule of shows that justContinue reading “The Night Alive at The Lyric”

Capture NI || Causeway Coastal Route

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through August?! We may still be waiting for summer to turn up here in Northern Ireland but this weekend, Dan and I decided to make the most of what we had and explore the Causeway Coastal Route. It’s no secret that the Causeway Coast is one of our favourites, soContinue reading “Capture NI || Causeway Coastal Route”

Capture NI Holiday Read feat Pete Waugh

Ooooh this is an exciting post. I’ve known Pete for a while – he’s one of those people I have no memory of first meeting, but who has always been someone whose work and life and thoughts I respect. He’s been on a very exciting journey recently, and he agreed to share a little aboutContinue reading “Capture NI Holiday Read feat Pete Waugh”

Capture NI || June at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast (Yer Granny & The Last Five Years reviews)

Belfast, you’re a lucky one. With an arts sector that seems to do nothing but grow and get better in the midst of cuts and uncertainty, The Lyric acts as a hub for this forward-moving, creative resilience. I got to enjoy not one, but two shows there this week. First up, Yer Granny. Based on LaContinue reading “Capture NI || June at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast (Yer Granny & The Last Five Years reviews)”

CREATOR QUARTER: Meet the Bearded Candle Makers

I’ve been so excited about introducing you to Mike and Mark, The Bearded Candle Makers as part of my Creator Quarter series. These two Belfast boys became candlemakers out of the joy of doing something they loved and have been on some journey since! Through the magic of Instagram, we met and Dan and I decidedContinue reading “CREATOR QUARTER: Meet the Bearded Candle Makers”

Creativity, rest and “inhaling good air” in Carlingford

Hey friends! Another Monday is here: hope yours is going well! We have just under two weeks before our great adventure so we’re making lists, finishing up work projects, making sure nothing will blow up when we’re away, etc… It was nice to change the pace yesterday afternoon for a wee road trip. I’d neverContinue reading “Creativity, rest and “inhaling good air” in Carlingford”

Capture NI || Belfast’s Spring Market

Happy weekend, folks! Hope yours has been lovely. We aren’t taking tomorrow off but it’s still been a good’un, thanks mainly to the Spring Continental Market in Belfast. Hooray! There is only ONE thing I love more than Belfast’s Christmas Continental Market…Belfast’s SPRING Continental Market! The mix of cultures and smells and flavours and tastesContinue reading “Capture NI || Belfast’s Spring Market”

Capture NI || Silent Valley & Newcastle

Capture NI || Silent Valley from Gemma Ruth Brown on Vimeo. Happy Monday blogosphere! Hope you had a great weekend. We were up in Newcastle to celebrate my father-in-law’s 60th. So fun! We stayed in the Slieve Donard (dreeeeeamy) and did lots of chilling in the spa, exploring of the Mournes and eating of delicious food.Continue reading “Capture NI || Silent Valley & Newcastle”

Capture NI || Date night in Stranmillis

Welcome to my latest CaptureNI post! Dan and I spent a lovely date night in the Stranmillis area on Thursday. We had a delicious meal at Yum Restaurant and then saw The Shadow of a Gunman at the Lyric. Scroll down for some photos! Yum is a bright and friendly restaurant that is very aptlyContinue reading “Capture NI || Date night in Stranmillis”