7 pieces of advice for people without Valentines

Dear singletons, In four days’ time, some of us will be sprinkling red rose petals and serenading the citizens of Paris with Celine Dion covers from atop the Eiffel Tower before dancing under the stars/kissing in the rain. Some of us. The rest of us might indeed have Valentines and choose to do a) nothingContinue reading “7 pieces of advice for people without Valentines”


Ok, no, I haven’t. And I’m suppppper excited about being married soon! It has struck me though that there is a crazy expectation that engaged couples spend all of their engagement wedding planning.Β There is SO much information out there about engagements, weddings, home-building. And that’s usually really good stuff. However, there is little about marriageContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #4: HONEY, I LOST THE MARRIAGE”