ABC of 2013

Reflection before resolution. A spoonful of the alphabet helps the process go down. Adventure…travelling, learning, new opportunities and falling in love. What a year! Blog…2013 was lots of fun on here. My 3 most popular posts of the year: I Got a D and Became a Butterfly, All the Single Ladies (from 2012) and Lose theContinue reading “ABC of 2013”

Dr Seuss and Seamus Heaney, and hope.

i. I grew up reading and being read Dr Seuss tales of Cats in Hats, Greens Eggs and Ham and The Sneetches. I dreamed of The Places I’d Go on rhyming roads and dancing words, and at Christmas, enjoyed reading of how the Whos reclaimed Christmas from The Grinch. ii. My fiancé and I enjoy comparingContinue reading “Dr Seuss and Seamus Heaney, and hope.”