Series: bride blog

I married my best friend in October 2014. Here are the chronicles of engagement fun, wedding planning, marriage prep and everything in between.

1: Bridal-beauty-zilla.

2: An ethical wedding?

3: I’m behind schedule.

4: Honey, I lost our marriage.

5: Meet our videographer!

6: Wedding weight loss tips (because no one likes a fat bride.)

7: An interview about all things wedding music.

8: Nifty, thrifty online vendors.

9: An interview with our photographer, Emma Kenny.

10: Hey, it’s OK if, two months before your wedding, you are… 

11: An interview with Estelle from Show and Tell.

12: A wedding is a community project (first post after the wedding!)

13: All about the dress.

14: Wedding DIY.

15: Top 10 Wedding-y tips


5 responses to “Series: bride blog

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