Rebellions are built on hope.Β 

I find myself sitting in the dark, my mind spinning almost as fast as the pictures on the screen. Christmas parties and Santa hats, beautiful carols and rolls of ribbon interlaced with the sound of grandmothers wailing, last goodbyes, emergency appeals and photos of frozen children too shocking for publication. This week we launched anContinue reading “Rebellions are built on hope.Β “

Northern Ireland meets Syria: a story of grace and generosity.

On the day Northern Ireland has welcomed 11 refugee families from Syria, my friend Ross recounts a memory from a trip to Damascus. I think it’s important for us to hear. Having only been in Lebanon a month where I was teaching for the year, I found myself travelling alone to Damascus in the frontContinue reading “Northern Ireland meets Syria: a story of grace and generosity.”

The Perils of Perception

The Royal Statistical Society and King’s College London published last week the results of their study The Perils of Perception which was conducted to tackle the divide between public views and the evidence on key social issues such as crime, benefit fraud and immigration. The results were shocking. || We think that 15% of girlsContinue reading “The Perils of Perception”

Knocking Holes in the Darkness

On April 4th, 1968, the Reverend Samuel Billy Kyles stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was standing with Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King Jr, who had invited his three friends to dinner that evening. The events that unfolded on that balcony are known to us all. LianeContinue reading “Knocking Holes in the Darkness”