5 tips for dealing with un(der)employment

Happy Graduation to those in big smiles and dark robes this week. It’s been 4 years, two uninspiring jobs, one international move contract and cancellation, another degree, one move to England & a move back to Northern Ireland and a dream job since mine from Queen’s University in Belfast (when it was still very coolContinue reading “5 tips for dealing with un(der)employment”

I got a D and became a butterfly; or Results Day and University.

When I was 17 I got sick and had drop out of school for a year. This was NOT in The Plan. I missed my friends, I felt like I wasn’t learning anything, and couldn’t shake the feeling of having failed. Deviating from or changing The Plan is not failure. That year turned out toContinue reading “I got a D and became a butterfly; or Results Day and University.”

Mandela and the Class of 2013

The world took a short and sharp intake of breath as Mandela was placed on life support this weekend. A man of greatness breathing his last few breaths amidst a media flurry of hyperbolised feuds and collective fear: “Please, God, don’t take him from us.” There is no doubt that when he is gone, theContinue reading “Mandela and the Class of 2013”

New Facebook ‘Banter’: “Rate Your Shag”

UPDATE: Queen’s University Belfast page (“Rate Your Buck”) has been removed! Well done! 10 AM, 29.05.2013 UPDATE 2: people are contacting me about similar pages popping up today – ask your friends to report the page and contact any relevant authorities demanding action. “Rate Your Shag” Facebook pages have appeared across the UK this weekContinue reading “New Facebook ‘Banter’: “Rate Your Shag””


UniLad is this week’s source Blood Boiling Nonsense. The online mag, aimed at male University students, was discovered to make fun of disabled people, condone sexual relations with minors, encourage illegal voyeurism, celebrate date rape (“And if the girl you’ve taken for a drink happens to belong to the ‘25%’ group and won’t ‘spread forContinue reading “ByeByeUniLad”