Cutting corners at Christmas

“Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.” I’ve just realised how true this is! The week between Christmas and New Year brings a natural lull with it, a chance to breathe a little between the festivities and before a new leaf is turned. I’ve taken the opportunity to ‘cut corners’Continue reading “Cutting corners at Christmas”

My 5 Newborn Essentials

When I was pregnant, I trawled through countless articles and videos claiming to be the “only newborn essentials list you’ll ever need”…but found it all a bit overwhelming and confusing. I really wanted to be well-prepared, but also wanted to avoid gathering lots of stuff and cluttering the house/hurting my bank balance! If you areContinue reading “My 5 Newborn Essentials”

Exploring Iceland – November 2016

“The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re confronted by a soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five minutes.” Stephen Markey  I’d never thought of going to Iceland – or, to be honest, known much about it – until I met my husband, Dan. Iceland was at the top of his wanderlist, and heContinue reading “Exploring Iceland – November 2016”

3 Ways We Can End Slavery…Now.

It was our first night in southern India. Akil, our instant and forever friend, picked us up at the busy airport and navigated through four hours of bumpy roads, stray dogs, and impossible turns. The smell of condensed milk mixed with spices filled with air, unfamiliar music – no, musics – played all at the same time, and I knew this wasContinue reading “3 Ways We Can End Slavery…Now.”

And we find him, over a bowl of chilli.

Hot chilli and warm laughter. A hoodie-clad Presbyterian minister and a collar-wearing Catholic priest. “Best friends”, they tell me. I’ve since learned that when they send you a rather cryptic message, you should always be suspicious. One such message had landed me there, having lunch with the dynamic duo that I’d often admired for theirContinue reading “And we find him, over a bowl of chilli.”

Educating Rita at the Lyric, Belfast

It’s not unusual to come away from The Lyric Belfast with a smile on your face. But Educating Rita is an impressive blend of gorgeous staging, compelling story and energetic acting that you would be crazy to miss. Hilariously charming duo Kerri Quinn and Michael James Ford depict the story of Rita and Frank. Rita, a BelfastContinue reading “Educating Rita at the Lyric, Belfast”

Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub

Happy 1st of December! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it’s here already and I’m super excited to be kicking it off with the first part of a trilogy of DIY Christmas Crafts! I find that creating is something I just kind of have to do: whether it’s creating a nutritious meal or solution to aContinue reading “Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub”

May 2014 Snapshot: Castle Ward

Bank Holidays are great. Hootsuite is also great. People are more able to pay attention online to charities when they are off work, so I usually have a few updates lined up and this means we engage people while enjoying some time off, too! On Monday we headed towards Downpatrick, to the International Bread Festival atContinue reading “May 2014 Snapshot: Castle Ward”