Educating Rita at the Lyric, Belfast

It’s not unusual to come away from The Lyric Belfast with a smile on your face. But Educating Rita is an impressive blend of gorgeous staging, compelling story and energetic acting that you would be crazy to miss. Hilariously charming duo Kerri Quinn and Michael James Ford depict the story of Rita and Frank. Rita, a BelfastContinue reading “Educating Rita at the Lyric, Belfast”

Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together

It’s no secret that The Lyric is one of my favourite places to be. Even more so when I’m there to enjoy some musical theatre from Blunt Fringe. I knew that we were in for a treat if tonight was to be anything like The Last Five Years, and goodness…I was right. First produced byContinue reading “Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together”

Leper + Chip at The Lyric

On a crisp autumnal evening three Octobers ago, I was on a date at the Lyric with my hot neighbour – with whom I’ve just celebrated my first wedding anniversary. Lesson: if you’re looking for a love story, it’s the place to be. Tonight’s love story was a modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale brought toContinue reading “Leper + Chip at The Lyric”

The Night Alive at The Lyric

Oh, Autumn weekends just have to be my favourite. Lighting candles and crunching leaves, warming recipes and hiding out under blankets. Everything seems to be a little quieter, a little slower…and I love it. One thing that (thankfully) is doing the opposite of slowing down, however, is The Lyric’s incredible schedule of shows that justContinue reading “The Night Alive at The Lyric”

Playhouse Creatures at The MAC

I met a group of guys from Manchester looking for directions to Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter on my way to it yesterday. No wonder – it’s gorgeous, filled with trendy places to eat and drink and home to The MAC, the jewel of St Anne’s Square. I got to the venue a little early to takeContinue reading “Playhouse Creatures at The MAC”

Capture NI || June at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast (Yer Granny & The Last Five Years reviews)

Belfast, you’re a lucky one. With an arts sector that seems to do nothing but grow and get better in the midst of cuts and uncertainty, The Lyric acts as a hub for this forward-moving, creative resilience. I got to enjoy not one, but two shows there this week. First up, Yer Granny. Based on LaContinue reading “Capture NI || June at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast (Yer Granny & The Last Five Years reviews)”

The Man In The Moon

All these beautiful people – Friends and lovers, He’s and she’s, Hims and hers All of them – gone. Last night, Dan and I went to see Man In The Moon, a play about a West Belfast man trying to make sense of life’s difficulties. Debt, brotherhood, substance abuse, family breakdown, friendship, relationship difficulties, earlyContinue reading “The Man In The Moon”

REVIEW: The Pillowman at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Captivating. Hilarious. Disturbing. Last night, Dan and I headed to the Northern Irish premiere of The Pillowman, Oscar-winning Martin McDonagh’s black comedy thriller. We were excited to return to the place of our butterfly-inducing and nervous laugh-producing second date to be introduced to what some call the Irish playwright’s finest work. The award-winning and critically-acclaimed play,Continue reading “REVIEW: The Pillowman at The Lyric Theatre, Belfast”