“They have killed our dreams.”

“Go ahead and marry me off, I’ll kill myself.” 11 year old Nada Al-Ahdal, from Yemen, who escaped child marriage. A 2010 Social Affairs Ministry report suggested that approximately a quarter of Yemeni girls had been married before the age of 15. Last week, Nigeria voted to cancel its law that stated the age of marriage toContinue reading ““They have killed our dreams.””

Manchester Trafficker Convicted

Marcel Vasile was found guilty of trafficking charges yesterday at Manchester Crown Court. The case is interesting from several viewpoints and it is worth examining, as is each story of rescue and each story of prosecution, if we are to improve the way we deal with traffickers and trafficking victims. Vasile || was tried andContinue reading “Manchester Trafficker Convicted”

No More Traffik – DIABLO

Tonight was the last of three performances of “Diablo”, a play on human trafficking written by Northern Irish playwright Patricia Downey and performed by local actors in Spanner in the Works Theatre Company. Downey was taken by surprise when she first heard of human trafficking: as she researched for a different project, she came acrossContinue reading “No More Traffik – DIABLO”

Knocking Holes in the Darkness

On April 4th, 1968, the Reverend Samuel Billy Kyles stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was standing with Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King Jr, who had invited his three friends to dinner that evening. The events that unfolded on that balcony are known to us all. LianeContinue reading “Knocking Holes in the Darkness”

The Boy and the Starfish and the Possible Impossible

Part of why I love getting to deliver trafficking awareness sessions to groups of people in various contexts and of various backgrounds is that it means that I get to meet many wise people along the way, and their conversation often feels like fresh water on a desert path (not that my life is aContinue reading “The Boy and the Starfish and the Possible Impossible”

NO MORE TRAFFIK 2013: come take a spin with me!

No More Traffik 2013…already!? In just over a week, No More Traffik will launch its second campaign after a crazy year of awareness & advocacy somewhat unexpectedly birthed out of a week of twists & turns last May that looked a little like this (phew…is your head spinning yet!?) and that was kicked off byContinue reading “NO MORE TRAFFIK 2013: come take a spin with me!”

In the Booth with Ruth

For Human Trafficking Awareness month, Ruth Jacobs is “running a series of interviews with advocates and activists, as well as survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.” I was honoured to be interviewed amongst some of my heroes. The start of the interview is below. Please also take a look at the other interviews here. HowContinue reading “In the Booth with Ruth”

Good Ol’ Saint Nick

It is thought that the real Santa Claus was actually a 4th century saint and bishop, named Nikolaos of Myra. There is little information about his life but a story that seems to have survived is one of an act of kindness that has been depicted on canvases and frescos for centuries, gifted to a struggling manContinue reading “Good Ol’ Saint Nick”