Kiki, my lovely sister, is back from University for a few weeks. When we hang out we tend to try and solve global issues, paint our nails, reminisce, giggle a lot, talk about the future, shop and other things that sisters do. Yesterday when having a bit of a nostalgia session we remembered one of our favourite SwissContinue reading “CARAC”


Hung’s story has haunted me since I heard it. It is of significant concern that where indicators of human trafficking are identified in cases before the courts that no consideration is being given to the possibility that the person is a victim of human trafficking.

Sick of ‘being ethical’. Whatever that means.

My cousin called me a rabble-rouser and I’m sick of it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a compliment. But ugh. You see, Wee Frizz, when she called me that, was referring to the fact that she has become involved in the #makefashiontraffikfree campaign after a few chats/links we shared. And I’m so glad. I got teary-eyedContinue reading “Sick of ‘being ethical’. Whatever that means.”

Trafficking in NI: statistics, media, panic and hope.

NI is panicking. There has been an 173% increase in human trafficking here in the past year. Nothing is being done – how could there be, with such awful news? ♠ NI is celebrating. There has been a 173% increase in recoveries of victims of trafficking here in the past year. A lot is beingContinue reading “Trafficking in NI: statistics, media, panic and hope.”

January Book 3: Undaunted

The third book I had lined up to read in January was Christine Caine’s new book, Undaunted. Caine has a fascinating life story which she draws from in the book as a means of explaining how it fuels the things she is involved in; specifically, in founding and directing the A21 Campaign, a global anti-slaveryContinue reading “January Book 3: Undaunted”

12 Years A Slave

Yesterday was the release day for Steve McQueen’s much-anticipated film on the life of Solomon Upnorth, 12 Years A Slave. The movie is based on a book he wrote of his ordeal as a free man in New York, kidnapped in Washington and exploited in a life of slavery for 12 years. The film isContinue reading “12 Years A Slave”

Anti-Slavery Day: 4 days to go!

This Friday (18th October) is EU Anti-Slavery Day. In the lead-up to this, I am guest-editing Threads. Every day, I will be sharing a different angle on human trafficking with contributions from ground-breaking organisations IJM and The A21 Campaign as well as world-changers like Natalie Collins from Spark. On Friday, we’ll be sharing 10 practicalContinue reading “Anti-Slavery Day: 4 days to go!”

A letter to my granddaughter about Twitter and trolls and the fight she will fight.

Dear granddaughter, I’m writing to you on the 6th of August 2013. I imagine you to be so far past Twitter that it seems to you as cassette tapes seem to me. (Google it.) When we were little, your great-aunt Kiki and I used to fly from Geneva back to Northern Ireland with your great-grandparentsContinue reading “A letter to my granddaughter about Twitter and trolls and the fight she will fight.”

Time to Ask Why.

After months of researching and studying human trafficking’s whats and hows and whens and wheres, it was time to ask why. Why were people enslaved? Why did people enslave others? Why had human beings become commodified, price-tagged, bought and sold; and transported and abused and exploited and robbed of life? Women, walking in the eveningContinue reading “Time to Ask Why.”