Gift guide for new mums and mamas-to-be 

Well, I can’t quite believe it: I’m just weeks away from meeting my BABY! I’ve come to know so many lovely expectant and new mums over the last while, and our chats inspired me to put together a gift guide for pregnant mums and those in the newborn bubble who might just need a treat!Continue reading “Gift guide for new mums and mamas-to-be “

An interview on Ethical Fashion with TW UK

After BBC Panorama revealed that child refugees have been working in factories producing clothes for some of our favourite retailers, Trans World Radio got in touch to chat about Ethical Fashion. Below is the interview in written form! We’re talking today about the ethics of fashion after a BBC Panorama Investigation revealed this week thatContinue reading “An interview on Ethical Fashion with TW UK”

The 2015 Guide to Ethical Christmas Shopping

Confession: I used to positively recoil at the thought of “ethical clothing”. I was sure that the deadly term meant itchy hemp, year-long autumnal hues and baggy linen trousers that were doomed to fray at the seems. Well, I’m glad to report that my fears were unfounded and that because activism is no longer aContinue reading “The 2015 Guide to Ethical Christmas Shopping”


I was super excited to be invited to have a little nosy around the Action Cancer shop in Bangor. Action Cancer shops around the UK have been revamped to look more like boutiques, with cute wallpaper and glossy shelves showing off their best pre-loved collections. So on a bright, freeeeeezing day, Dan and I grabbedContinue reading “CHARITY SHOPPING WITH ACTION CANCER”

BRIDE BLOG #8: THRIFTY, NIFTY ONLINE VENDORS I’ve bought stamps, gifts and cards here…great for things that are a little quirkier than what you might find elsewhere. Etsy. This is where we have found all of our rings (including my beautiful engagement ring that is the profile image for these posts) as well as a bunch of other fun stuff including accessoriesContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #8: THRIFTY, NIFTY ONLINE VENDORS”


Today is the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy during which 1,345 people died at a factory in Bangladesh where their safety and well-being was constantly ignored. The factory produced goods bought by many popular high-street retailers, and the pressure for the promotion of fair treatment and workers’ rights has continued since then.Continue reading “WhoMadeMyClothes?”

Freedom Resolutions

She lives in cage. I live in a house. She gets no sleep. I slept in today. She is drugged. I choose what I put in my body. She is made to wear clothes that degrade her. I shop on the high street. She has no choice. I choose daily. She is enslaved. I am free.Continue reading “Freedom Resolutions”

My favourite thing about Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. The candles are lit, Christmas music is playing, my sister is in the kitchen trying her hand at eggnog (“is it ACTUAL egg that you DRINK?!”). We are having a family meal tonight before heading to a midnight carol service…I just love this time of year. To be completely honest with youContinue reading “My favourite thing about Christmas”