Spiced Apple Cake

Hey homies, We’ve been exploring veganism over the past few weeks, mainly focusing on eating vegan at meal-times together. I’m giving it a little more time before sharing anything substantial with the inter web, but I wanted to spread the love about a DELICIOUS sweet recipe I’ve discovered that I think you’re gonna love (well,Continue reading “Spiced Apple Cake”

Peanut-butter balls

I have another recipe for you today and it is FABULOUS. I just know you’re gonna love it… Peanut Butter Balls! These are like home-made giant Reese’s Pieces ON CRACK.* I decided that peanut butter balls would be a great offering to bring to team day in the office this week. These are great forContinue reading “Peanut-butter balls”


So, blogosphere, I’ve been keeping something from you and I don’t think I can do it any longer. I have the recipe for the world’s best chocolate cake. And it’s time for me to share it. I used to work with a great French baker who had lots of secrets up his sleeves and oneContinue reading “BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE…EVER”