BBC Panorama highlighted the contrast they found when researching the World Cup preparations in Brazil in this documentary two nights ago. It’s really tough watching, but it’s important. I saw the same contrast when in Rio last year: excitement and promise, financial investment, change and progress…right next to poverty, despair, exploitation, addiction and hopelessness. We stayedContinue reading ““Not here! Far from here.” CHILD SEX EXPLOITATION IN BRAZIL”

A letter to my granddaughter about Twitter and trolls and the fight she will fight.

Dear granddaughter, I’m writing to you on the 6th of August 2013. I imagine you to be so far past Twitter that it seems to you as cassette tapes seem to me. (Google it.) When we were little, your great-aunt Kiki and I used to fly from Geneva back to Northern Ireland with your great-grandparentsContinue reading “A letter to my granddaughter about Twitter and trolls and the fight she will fight.”

Time to Ask Why.

After months of researching and studying human trafficking’s whats and hows and whens and wheres, it was time to ask why. Why were people enslaved? Why did people enslave others? Why had human beings become commodified, price-tagged, bought and sold; and transported and abused and exploited and robbed of life? Women, walking in the eveningContinue reading “Time to Ask Why.”

Knocking Holes in the Darkness

On April 4th, 1968, the Reverend Samuel Billy Kyles stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was standing with Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King Jr, who had invited his three friends to dinner that evening. The events that unfolded on that balcony are known to us all. LianeContinue reading “Knocking Holes in the Darkness”

On the glamorisation of prostitution.

“…the vast majority of women involved are experiencing some form of coercion. {…} “Prostitution is, for the vast majority, a survival tactic. It is not something they would be doing if they felt they had any other choices. {…} “There is a risk in glamorising something that really involves a lot of organised criminality. WomenContinue reading “On the glamorisation of prostitution.”

An Ex-Hooker’s Letter to Her Younger Self…

“But when the Johns say “baby you were born for this” that doesn’t mean its true. {…} Being a hooker can seem to mean you’ve lost everything you hoped to be, but that’s not true.  You’ve splintered into a million pieces, but you’re still you. You’re alive. It’s in the spaces between those pieces where youContinue reading “An Ex-Hooker’s Letter to Her Younger Self…”

Prostitution: the Other Side of the Coin

I have, in writing about issues regarding prostitution and the purchase of sex, expressed concern solely about the prostitutes, or victims of abuse. In conversation with a friend today, we sought out a theme that might both cause someone to buy sex in terms of their treatment of the person they buy from but alsoContinue reading “Prostitution: the Other Side of the Coin”