Surviving self-isolation: 34 things to do with your (young) kids

Hey, friend. Chances are, if you’ve landed here, you’re a parent facing the news that our lives are going to change for the next few weeks/months in light of Coronavirus. You might be feeling anxious, thankful, resolute…or probably a mix of emotions. Whether we stay at home with our kids every day or have justContinue reading “Surviving self-isolation: 34 things to do with your (young) kids”

The invisible mother

It’s not every morning that something you come across during a mindless Facebook scroll challenges and changes you in such a significant way, but that morning, I did. Allow me to backtrack a little. Jennifer* is the mother of one of my childhood best friends. Her house, which smelled of fresh chocolate chip cookies, wasContinue reading “The invisible mother”

The Fourth Trimester

Ah, friends, this is such a bittersweet post to write! We have well and truly emerged from the ‘fourth trimester’; those sweet first hazy months of out-of-womb but not-quite-fully-in-the-world sweetness…and I can’t believe what a marked difference there already is in our wee 6 month-old chap who is more independent, curious and hilarious by theContinue reading “The Fourth Trimester”

My 5 Newborn Essentials

When I was pregnant, I trawled through countless articles and videos claiming to be the “only newborn essentials list you’ll ever need”…but found it all a bit overwhelming and confusing. I really wanted to be well-prepared, but also wanted to avoid gathering lots of stuff and cluttering the house/hurting my bank balance! If you areContinue reading “My 5 Newborn Essentials”

Six ways to support new parents

I asked on Instagram what kinds of post-partum posts you’d like to read and so many of you said you’d like some tips for friends and family of newborns (and their parents). 2 months into life with our little love means we have had lots of family and friends over to visit and have beenContinue reading “Six ways to support new parents”

On the night before motherhood: a blessing

A mother’s love begins long before birth and now, as you approach the precipice of meeting its lifelong object, here is a blessing. Feel the slow rise and fall of your chest as your heart sustains another. You are breathing life into you and into the new life you are about to meet. You, fearfullyContinue reading “On the night before motherhood: a blessing”