An afternoon at Loaf Pottery

What better combination is there than pottery and pizza, set in a 17th century building? None is the answer, and the newly-opened Loaf Pottery in Crawfordsburn styles the winning combination excellently. What’s more, the Pottery is in fact the latest project of award-winning social enterprise NOW Group, which supports people with learning difficulties and disabilitiesContinue reading “An afternoon at Loaf Pottery”

Imago Dei

A theological reflection on Anti-Slavery Day. This Tuesday was EU Anti-Slavery Day. Modern-day slavery, often referred to as human trafficking, is the fastest growing crime in the world, affecting millions (the last official estimate was 45 million) of people. It is driven by greed for power and money and takes advantage of so many forms of humanContinue reading “Imago Dei”

So you want to end human trafficking…

There is something inside you that screams when you hear about the precious lives of men, women, and children who are coerced and exploited in the name of money, or power, or greed. Maybe you’ve heard a story of someone who was trafficked and you just can’t get them out of your mind. Or maybeContinue reading “So you want to end human trafficking…”

And we find him, over a bowl of chilli.

Hot chilli and warm laughter. A hoodie-clad Presbyterian minister and a collar-wearing Catholic priest. “Best friends”, they tell me. I’ve since learned that when they send you a rather cryptic message, you should always be suspicious. One such message had landed me there, having lunch with the dynamic duo that I’d often admired for theirContinue reading “And we find him, over a bowl of chilli.”

Northern Ireland meets Syria: a story of grace and generosity.

On the day Northern Ireland has welcomed 11 refugee families from Syria, my friend Ross recounts a memory from a trip to Damascus. I think it’s important for us to hear. Having only been in Lebanon a month where I was teaching for the year, I found myself travelling alone to Damascus in the frontContinue reading “Northern Ireland meets Syria: a story of grace and generosity.”

Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together

It’s no secret that The Lyric is one of my favourite places to be. Even more so when I’m there to enjoy some musical theatre from Blunt Fringe. I knew that we were in for a treat if tonight was to be anything like The Last Five Years, and goodness…I was right. First produced byContinue reading “Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together”

Leper + Chip at The Lyric

On a crisp autumnal evening three Octobers ago, I was on a date at the Lyric with my hot neighbour – with whom I’ve just celebrated my first wedding anniversary. Lesson: if you’re looking for a love story, it’s the place to be. Tonight’s love story was a modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale brought toContinue reading “Leper + Chip at The Lyric”

DIGNITY: Taking a stand against Gender-Based Violence

Today, I will be a part of a conference on gender-based violence along with Tearfund, IBM and BMS organised by Contemporary Christianity (who played a massively important underground role in kickstarting the response to human trafficking in Northern Ireland: I like to call them the mafia of NI – they are more gentle/better-intentioned than most gangsters, however!)Continue reading “DIGNITY: Taking a stand against Gender-Based Violence”

Silent Testimony

After hearing Colin Davidson on a panel discussion at the Ulster Museum on Friday (as part of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building’s Culture Night event – more on that here), we knew we had to go back to see his Silent Testimony exhibition. It was in part his thoughtful contributions to the panelContinue reading “Silent Testimony”

Culture Night 2015

Culture, a: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Culture, b: the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. “Culture is a cradle that holds and nourishes both the individual and the community.” Dr Eugen Kho, during a lecture on his findings from a series of projects involvingContinue reading “Culture Night 2015”