Human trafficking: just a “sexy” little phase?

The counter-trafficking movement in Northern Ireland is gaining pace. The Assembly is moving, the law is changing, communities are awakening, individuals are rising, the media is rustling, funding and resources are being identified and mobilised…we are taking steps toward becoming a nation alongside whom human trafficking is not allowed to exist. It, the counter-trafficking movement, isContinue reading “Human trafficking: just a “sexy” little phase?”

“Let me not have any dreams at all.”

“All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” Jack Kerouac #10ThingsIWantToHappen is trending right now on Twitter. People are sharing their dreams. To become a dancer. To find a cure for cancer. To go to London. To be a singer. To make good friends. To meet Justin Bieber. To move house. To kissContinue reading ““Let me not have any dreams at all.””

Sex Trafficking in NI: Addressing the Demand.

Without demand, there would be no supply. From Evangelical Alliance NI: We’ve launched a campaign calling on the NI Executive to change the law so that someone convicted of using a trafficked woman for sex faces prison and having their name added to the sex-offenders register. At the moment the maximum penalty they face is a £1,000Continue reading “Sex Trafficking in NI: Addressing the Demand.”

My Dear Wormwood: About Jason Russell.

You brag and gloat that you got the face of the world’s largest youth movement to go mad. To tear off his clothes and cry out to the Enemy in the streets for all the world to see. You list the lies you whispered in his ear as if it was some brilliant chess move.Continue reading “My Dear Wormwood: About Jason Russell.”

On my doorstep…or in my bedroom? Human trafficking goes VERY local.

If you have spent anytime on my blog in past couple of months, you have realised that human trafficking happens where you are. What you mightn’t have realised, however, is that it happens to you, to people like you, where you are.  She was living in a city in the North of England, and wasContinue reading “On my doorstep…or in my bedroom? Human trafficking goes VERY local.”

Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland: I Hope You’re Angry (5/5)

It’s Friday! This is the final post on human trafficking in NI in which I will attempt to answer some of your questions and provide a few ideas for what your next step may be. I’ve been so thankful for your feedback throughout this ‘series’ on human trafficking in NI. Blogging is much more funContinue reading “Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland: I Hope You’re Angry (5/5)”