#internationalwomensday inspiring change

Today I get to celebrate women at 3 International Women’s Day events with work. I’m just back from the first, and I’m still processing it – it was hugely inspiring. Belfast is known for its construction of the Titanic, and in recent years has opened the Titanic Centre, which tells the story of the shipContinue reading “#internationalwomensday inspiring change”

January Book 2: Holy Discontent

Last week I finished Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels. It reads almost like a personal letter full of stories and common sense and I devoured it by a nice warm fire. If I could summarise it, I would say the book suggests that activism = an ounce of frustration + a pinch of hope + aContinue reading “January Book 2: Holy Discontent”

No More Traffik – DIABLO

Tonight was the last of three performances of “Diablo”, a play on human trafficking written by Northern Irish playwright Patricia Downey and performed by local actors in Spanner in the Works Theatre Company. Downey was taken by surprise when she first heard of human trafficking: as she researched for a different project, she came acrossContinue reading “No More Traffik – DIABLO”

Knocking Holes in the Darkness

On April 4th, 1968, the Reverend Samuel Billy Kyles stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was standing with Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King Jr, who had invited his three friends to dinner that evening. The events that unfolded on that balcony are known to us all. LianeContinue reading “Knocking Holes in the Darkness”

NO MORE TRAFFIK 2013: come take a spin with me!

No More Traffik 2013…already!? In just over a week, No More Traffik will launch its second campaign after a crazy year of awareness & advocacy somewhat unexpectedly birthed out of a week of twists & turns last May that looked a little like this (phew…is your head spinning yet!?) and that was kicked off byContinue reading “NO MORE TRAFFIK 2013: come take a spin with me!”

YOUR Response to DoJ’s Consultation on Human Trafficking.

In April 2012, The Department of Justice released a public consultation to amendments they have made to legislation on human trafficking in Northern Ireland.  They also called on the public to respond with their thoughts on how the department should engage with non-government organisations and other group on human trafficking issues. A joint response toContinue reading “YOUR Response to DoJ’s Consultation on Human Trafficking.”

No More Traffik On Our Streets: a few of my favourite things.

I was absent from this blog for a while earlier this month, due to the most exciting week of the year so far occurring two weeks ago: No More Traffik On Our Streets ACTUALLY happened. 20 events over 9 days (OK, so over a week) collaboratively hosted by 30+ partnering organisations. Amazing. A video summarisingContinue reading “No More Traffik On Our Streets: a few of my favourite things.”

Breaking: All-Ireland crackdown on human trafficking

Today was a bad day for human trafficking in Ireland. An all-island crackdown on organised crime involving money laundering and organised prostitution (and therefore including human trafficking) was carried out in a joint effort by the PSNI and Garda today, ending about an hour ago. Just under 400 police officers were involved in the long-plannedContinue reading “Breaking: All-Ireland crackdown on human trafficking”