Don’t Call Me Beautiful.

“You’re just so pretty, aren’t you?”…”Look at that beautiful smile!”…”Aw, what a gorgeous dress!” In the world of children (and especially girls), compliments on physical attributes are just as common as “More juice, please” (the “please” is optional) and “There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!” Dove has reported from its global research that onlyContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Beautiful.”

Banned: Drop Dead & Oh, Lola!

As I reflect on this past week in the world of campaigning against sexualisation and unhealthy standards in the media, I am so excited about two major victories in the UK. The Advertising Standards Agency banned an ad for clothing company Drop Dead which featured a very underweight-looking model. Marc Jacobs’ perfume ad featuring 17Continue reading “Banned: Drop Dead & Oh, Lola!”

Frankie, Rihanna, Taylor and you.

The term ‘role model’ is overused and under-appreciated in today’s society where impressionable people (ie: the human race) are exposed to thousands upon thousands of images, messages, words, sounds, emotions from people in the spotlight every day. Though the loss of mystique and talent appreciated solely on its own merit is a sad one; itContinue reading “Frankie, Rihanna, Taylor and you.”

You are more than your underwear. So put it away.

It’s summer. It’s been summer for a while. This has allowed a reappearance of summer fashion. To be honest, as disappointing as this might be to Lagerfeld and co, I don’t really feel it’s changed much in the past few years – you expect to see gladiator sandals, aviator sunglasses, floral prints…oh, and a fewContinue reading “You are more than your underwear. So put it away.”

Body Image in the Classroom

I read an article the other day about what parents can do to fight body image issues in young children who have fallen or are vulnerable to falling into the trap of the distortion of what is ‘beautiful’ and ‘normal’. It struck a chord with me. The British Journal of Psychology’s findings are deeply worrying:Continue reading “Body Image in the Classroom”

Monster – Updated

27.06.2011 update: MTV will NOT be screening the video. Yes!!! (via Adios Barbie) Thank you for having taken the time to sign the petition and stand against this atrocity. You have made a difference! 08.06.2011 update: The official version of the video is here: (WARNING: the video is extremely offensive and graphic. I doContinue reading “Monster – Updated”

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” – Kids’ Edition

August 2011 update: following an investigation by ASA, Zazzle have now ‘restricted the design’ so it doesn’t appear on t-shirts for kids anymore. This presumably means they are still open to designs involving the slogan on adult t-shirts; which is still very, very problematic. In 2009, Kate Moss spoke the words that sparked the attentionContinue reading ““Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” – Kids’ Edition”