Thought for the Day: it takes time 

Drawing inspiration from William Wilberforce, Rosa Parks and the Suffragettes, here are some thoughts on progress… Listen here. 

Know Thyself; on running your race and taking dodgy personality tests 

We decided to walk the length of Portstewart Strand and found that with each step, the beach bustle became quieter – as we passed the Windbreaker-in-any-Weather families, the enthusiastic games of “beach volleyball” (quotation marks intended), the romantic wanderers and the new puppies, the sand looked more vast and more ‘ours’. We got to theContinue reading “Know Thyself; on running your race and taking dodgy personality tests “

On language and the culture it breeds; or the day of the Ashers Verdict 

“If thoughts corrupt language, language can also corrupt thought.” George Orwell, 1984 Today is the day of the Ashers verdict. A brief summary: a popular bakery was asked to produce a cake with a slogan promoting equal marriage, it accepted and then subsequently refused the order because of the owner’s stance on marriage. It’s aContinue reading “On language and the culture it breeds; or the day of the Ashers Verdict “

So you want to end human trafficking…

There is something inside you that screams when you hear about the precious lives of men, women, and children who are coerced and exploited in the name of money, or power, or greed. Maybe you’ve heard a story of someone who was trafficked and you just can’t get them out of your mind. Or maybeContinue reading “So you want to end human trafficking…”

Ode to Margin

Restez hors des marges! (Stay out of the margins!) The eternal call of the school swimming teacher as he watched our little bodies squiggingly attempt a world record number of laps, or at least more than the new girl who seemed to have never before seen water in all of her entire little life.  PullContinue reading “Ode to Margin”

Thoughts before the Big Adventure

It’s the night before our Big Adventure and it feels like Christmas Eve, and also like we’re about to jump into the absolute unknown. Wow. I remember a conversation Dan and I had a few months ago. We quiz each other, every now and then, on our dreams, on where we’re going, on what weContinue reading “Thoughts before the Big Adventure”


My dad is running a series on his website to which various leaders are contributing, dreaming up dinner guest lists. Here’s mine! I’ve chosen three very different people: when I was doing a lot of singing, I would listen to lots of different genres to keep myself fresh and stretched – I do this whenContinue reading “3 PEOPLE I’D LIKE TO INVITE TO DINNER”

QUIET – an introvert’s permission to breathe.

I’m torn between reviewing a book that has been life-changing for me and just letting you discover it for yourself. Quiet is Susan Cain’s expose of the power of introversion – a term which is increasingly thrown about in dinner conversations and staff meetings, but one which still carries negative connotations. Shy, a recluse, un-opinionated,Continue reading “QUIET – an introvert’s permission to breathe.”

Leadership Lessons from an Orchestra Conductor

This weekend I got to hear/watch Handel’s Messiah performed by The Ulster Orchestra and Belfast Philharmonic at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. It was breath-taking. The skill and energy bringing to life such a timeless, expertly crafted piece of story telling were unbelievable. I sat leaning ever-so-slightly forward, hands clasped for most of the performance.Continue reading “Leadership Lessons from an Orchestra Conductor”