The invisible mother

It’s not every morning that something you come across during a mindless Facebook scroll challenges and changes you in such a significant way, but that morning, I did. Allow me to backtrack a little. Jennifer* is the mother of one of my childhood best friends. Her house, which smelled of fresh chocolate chip cookies, wasContinue reading “The invisible mother”

Be still 

“Maybe this is your time to learn to be still.” My throat tightened: “I’m not sure I know what that means.” “Well, that’s where you start.” I had just told my dad I’d been signed off work after a scary hospital stay and introduction to the term ‘complicated pregnancy’. Minutes before, my doctor had toldContinue reading “Be still “

Know Thyself; on running your race and taking dodgy personality tests 

We decided to walk the length of Portstewart Strand and found that with each step, the beach bustle became quieter – as we passed the Windbreaker-in-any-Weather families, the enthusiastic games of “beach volleyball” (quotation marks intended), the romantic wanderers and the new puppies, the sand looked more vast and more ‘ours’. We got to theContinue reading “Know Thyself; on running your race and taking dodgy personality tests “

About the time I got glasses.

I got glasses last week, and then I cried. Don’t worry: there were no tears on the brightly-lit shop floor populated by sparkly frames and chatty salespeople. Can we just pause for a minute to marvel at the art of telling a customer, in the same breath, that the pair of glasses they have triedContinue reading “About the time I got glasses.”

Ode to Margin

Restez hors des marges! (Stay out of the margins!) The eternal call of the school swimming teacher as he watched our little bodies squiggingly attempt a world record number of laps, or at least more than the new girl who seemed to have never before seen water in all of her entire little life.  PullContinue reading “Ode to Margin”

Thoughts before the Big Adventure

It’s the night before our Big Adventure and it feels like Christmas Eve, and also like we’re about to jump into the absolute unknown. Wow. I remember a conversation Dan and I had a few months ago. We quiz each other, every now and then, on our dreams, on where we’re going, on what weContinue reading “Thoughts before the Big Adventure”

The Merry-go-round; or I Am Enough, Part I

I think I’ve been writing this post for over a decade. Maybe that’s the problem. I was 14, making a list of things to do to make myself look better – ‘remember to pluck eyebrows once a week’, ‘always paint nails’, ‘find teeth whitener’. I was 16, planning the steps I would take to beContinue reading “The Merry-go-round; or I Am Enough, Part I”


Estelle and I met years ago through random Belfast connections and as we’ve stayed in touch sporadically through the years, a lot has happened! Estelle married a lovely guy called Reuben and together, they started a wedding film company that has made the Northern Irish industry stand up and pay attention and is now leadingContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #11: ESTELLE FROM SHOW + TELL”


According to my wedding planning app I should have begun a beauty regime two weeks ago, allowing myself 6 months of grooming and pruning to turn me into The Most Beautiful Bride of All Time or, at the very least, The Most Beautiful I Have Ever Looked. I should already be upping my vitamins, supplementsContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #3: BEHIND SCHEDULE IN BECOMING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE OF ALL TIME”