What ELSE can we do?

“I know awareness is important. But what ELSE can I do?” This question comes up time and time again in relation to human trafficking. People have attended events, shared stories and stats with their friends and communities, and want to get stuck into something more, something else. Never underestimate the power of awareness. Knowledge, theyContinue reading “What ELSE can we do?”

New Horizon Seminars…See You There?

New Horizon has been one of my summer highlights for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Geneva, my family came back to the motherland every summer, scheduling our visit to coincide with New Horizon where my sister and I got a crash course in Northern Irish culture, getting over-excited about visits toContinue reading “New Horizon Seminars…See You There?”

YOUR Response to DoJ’s Consultation on Human Trafficking.

In April 2012, The Department of Justice released a public consultation to amendments they have made to legislation on human trafficking in Northern Ireland.  They also called on the public to respond with their thoughts on how the department should engage with non-government organisations and other group on human trafficking issues. A joint response toContinue reading “YOUR Response to DoJ’s Consultation on Human Trafficking.”

No More Traffik On Our Streets: a few of my favourite things.

I was absent from this blog for a while earlier this month, due to the most exciting week of the year so far occurring two weeks ago: No More Traffik On Our Streets ACTUALLY happened. 20 events over 9 days (OK, so over a week) collaboratively hosted by 30+ partnering organisations. Amazing. A video summarisingContinue reading “No More Traffik On Our Streets: a few of my favourite things.”

Breaking: All-Ireland crackdown on human trafficking

Today was a bad day for human trafficking in Ireland. An all-island crackdown on organised crime involving money laundering and organised prostitution (and therefore including human trafficking) was carried out in a joint effort by the PSNI and Garda today, ending about an hour ago. Just under 400 police officers were involved in the long-plannedContinue reading “Breaking: All-Ireland crackdown on human trafficking”

Human trafficking: just a “sexy” little phase?

The counter-trafficking movement in Northern Ireland is gaining pace. The Assembly is moving, the law is changing, communities are awakening, individuals are rising, the media is rustling, funding and resources are being identified and mobilised…we are taking steps toward becoming a nation alongside whom human trafficking is not allowed to exist. It, the counter-trafficking movement, isContinue reading “Human trafficking: just a “sexy” little phase?”

Sex Trafficking in NI: Addressing the Demand.

Without demand, there would be no supply. From Evangelical Alliance NI: We’ve launched a campaign calling on the NI Executive to change the law so that someone convicted of using a trafficked woman for sex faces prison and having their name added to the sex-offenders register. At the moment the maximum penalty they face is a £1,000Continue reading “Sex Trafficking in NI: Addressing the Demand.”

On the glamorisation of prostitution.

“…the vast majority of women involved are experiencing some form of coercion. {…} “Prostitution is, for the vast majority, a survival tactic. It is not something they would be doing if they felt they had any other choices. {…} “There is a risk in glamorising something that really involves a lot of organised criminality. WomenContinue reading “On the glamorisation of prostitution.”

Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland: I Hope You’re Angry (5/5)

It’s Friday! This is the final post on human trafficking in NI in which I will attempt to answer some of your questions and provide a few ideas for what your next step may be. I’ve been so thankful for your feedback throughout this ‘series’ on human trafficking in NI. Blogging is much more funContinue reading “Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland: I Hope You’re Angry (5/5)”

Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland: Changing Culture (4/5)

Yesterday we looked at the demand for human trafficking in Northern Ireland: if it didn’t exist, trafficking wouldn’t exist either. The post is here. Feel free to read through Monday and Tuesday‘s posts as well. So how DO we tackle the demand? This is the tough question. As we step up to take responsibility forContinue reading “Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland: Changing Culture (4/5)”