My favourite thing about Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve. The candles are lit, Christmas music is playing, my sister is in the kitchen trying her hand at eggnog (“is it ACTUAL egg that you DRINK?!”). We are having a family meal tonight before heading to a midnight carol service…I just love this time of year. To be completely honest with youContinue reading “My favourite thing about Christmas”

Prostitution in NI, painting an accurate picture and The Sunday Life.

On the 4th of July, the BBC reported an investigation into prostitution in Northern Ireland, which found that £500,000 were spent each week on prostitution spread amongst 88 brothels. This is higher than many other European countries, and it is thought that many of the prostitutes are in fact trafficked into NI (so, ‘used’ againstContinue reading “Prostitution in NI, painting an accurate picture and The Sunday Life.”