One of my heroes, who I also get to call ‘friend’ and ‘cousin’, is running a series on her blog around the word BODY. She asked me what I thought of guest-posting and immediately I felt a little weird: I knew this was going to be a tough one as there wasn’t anything to hideContinue reading “BODY: SHARING MY STORY ON WEE FRIZZ”


Tragedy struck my dear friend and her family two years ago and I think we’ll always remember the day it happened, as well as the subsequent moments of tearful whys and twists and corners that just didn’t seem fair, which Charlotte and her family walked through with such bravery. Charlotte has written the raw reflections youContinue reading “TWO YEARS ON”


I watched this video this morning and I think it’s brightened my day/week/month. Hope it does the same to yours. It also reminds me of an article my friend Mel wrote yesterday about something that happened when we were in Rio. Check it out here. Great thoughts and words. The video is a part ofContinue reading “I LIKE GIVING AND THE YOUNGEST 98 YEAR OLD YOU WILL EVER MEET”


40. The number of victims recovered from trafficking in NI since April 2013*. (We said 39 originally, but 1 rescued from cannabis cultivation last week.) The highest annual total so far – over 170% higher than last year – which is down to effective policing and heightened community awareness (NOT to an increase in the activityContinue reading “40”

Trafficking in NI: statistics, media, panic and hope.

NI is panicking. There has been an 173% increase in human trafficking here in the past year. Nothing is being done – how could there be, with such awful news? ♠ NI is celebrating. There has been a 173% increase in recoveries of victims of trafficking here in the past year. A lot is beingContinue reading “Trafficking in NI: statistics, media, panic and hope.”

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! In the lead-up to today, may have been highlighting the plight of women around the world – who don’t have access to education or resources, who are abused, who are discriminated against, whose gender makes them vulnerable – if you’ve spent time on the blog, you probably are aware of someContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

#internationalwomensday inspiring change

Today I get to celebrate women at 3 International Women’s Day events with work. I’m just back from the first, and I’m still processing it – it was hugely inspiring. Belfast is known for its construction of the Titanic, and in recent years has opened the Titanic Centre, which tells the story of the shipContinue reading “#internationalwomensday inspiring change”

January Book 2: Holy Discontent

Last week I finished Holy Discontent by Bill Hybels. It reads almost like a personal letter full of stories and common sense and I devoured it by a nice warm fire. If I could summarise it, I would say the book suggests that activism = an ounce of frustration + a pinch of hope + aContinue reading “January Book 2: Holy Discontent”

Dr Seuss and Seamus Heaney, and hope.

i. I grew up reading and being read Dr Seuss tales of Cats in Hats, Greens Eggs and Ham and The Sneetches. I dreamed of The Places I’d Go on rhyming roads and dancing words, and at Christmas, enjoyed reading of how the Whos reclaimed Christmas from The Grinch. ii. My fiancé and I enjoy comparingContinue reading “Dr Seuss and Seamus Heaney, and hope.”