Gift guide for new mums and mamas-to-be 

Well, I can’t quite believe it: I’m just weeks away from meeting my BABY! I’ve come to know so many lovely expectant and new mums over the last while, and our chats inspired me to put together a gift guide for pregnant mums and those in the newborn bubble who might just need a treat!Continue reading “Gift guide for new mums and mamas-to-be “

Bringing Hygge into your home…

The time has come: as we wave goodbye to long, warm days and the freckles on our faces in exchange for earlier sunsets and our beloved chunky knits, I fall in love – all over again – with this beautiful season called Autumn. Maybe it’s because I met and married my love as the farmers gathered theirContinue reading “Bringing Hygge into your home…”

Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub

Happy 1st of December! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it’s here already and I’m super excited to be kicking it off with the first part of a trilogy of DIY Christmas Crafts! I find that creating is something I just kind of have to do: whether it’s creating a nutritious meal or solution to aContinue reading “Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub”

Thanksgiving 2014

Having grown up in a multicultural environment with a lot of American influence, Thanksgiving has always been something I’ve enjoyed dipping into – some years it meant a full-blown celebration, others (and more enduringly) it meant practising thankfulness that little bit more than comes naturally. It really doesn’t come naturally. I’m good at working outContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2014”

HOME-MAKING ON A BUDGET: upcyling and charity shops

Hello blogosphere! It’s been so fun talking with you about home-making, nesting, DIY-ing, etc… So fun, in fact, that I decided to put together a little post about home-making on a budget, because times might be tight but that is no reason not to be able to enjoy a little interior design! After a prettyContinue reading “HOME-MAKING ON A BUDGET: upcyling and charity shops”


I’m going to try and keep up the monthly favourites posts to add a little variety and actual-person-ness to my blog. This month is a pretty house-heavy theme… Because yep, I moved! Our friends used to live in a house Dan and I both fell in love with when we visited, and now we can’t believeContinue reading “AUGUST FAVOURITES: HOME EDITION!”