Burritos & pebbles: some thoughts on friendship.

It was our usual burrito date night: we’ve been having them for years. Emma has been one of my best friends since she moved to Belfast for university and since then, we’ve shared many Mexican meals together. Ours is a holy appointment: burritos with the freshest of fresh cilantro, each bend of the wrapping somehow mirroring ourContinue reading “Burritos & pebbles: some thoughts on friendship.”

6 things I wish I could say to my friends who have kids

This post was originally written for Threads. We met one night at an after-partyย while at University in Belfast.ย I loved her sparkly green shoes and she was impressed by my maxi dress. We struck up a friendship that has seen us through graduation, living together in a tiny terraced house brought to life by many fairyContinue reading “6 things I wish I could say to my friends who have kids”