DIY Christmas: Hot Chocolate Spoons

Monday 21st December…here we are! Hope you had a great weekend filled with Christmas cheer (and maybe some fudge making?!) Thank you for your welcome of my Advent piece about when Christmas is hard. I’ve been stunned at the honesty and courage in your response. I’m back with the last of my DIY Christmas tutorials, justContinue reading “DIY Christmas: Hot Chocolate Spoons”

DIY Christmas: Honeycomb Fudge

And we’re back! So glad to hear you enjoyed the honeycomb recipe on Tuesday. I’m still munching & crunching myself! Hopefully you’ve saved some, though, because today I’m going to show you how to make honeycomb fudge. You will need: 1 tin of condensed milk 80 grams of butter 150 soft brown sugar Vanilla essenceContinue reading “DIY Christmas: Honeycomb Fudge”


Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m back with another DIY Christmas tutorial today – and it’s a TWO PART WONDER! I embarked upon the journey of making honeycomb fudge…and in the process, discovered that honeycomb is also totally delicious on its own. So, on Saturday, I’ll share my fudge recipe with you. But today, the honeycomb. I wasContinue reading “DIY CHRISTMAS: Honeycomb”

DIY CHRISTMAS: a merry little Christmas card

Happy Tuesday to you! How did you get on with your DIY Sugar Scrub?! I’d love to know! Today, as part of my DIY Christmas series, I’m showing you how to hand-letter/paint my favourite card from our Brown Paper Packages Christmas collection (which sold out at the weekend, hooray!). You will need: Plain card (squareContinue reading “DIY CHRISTMAS: a merry little Christmas card”

Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub

Happy 1st of December! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it’s here already and I’m super excited to be kicking it off with the first part of a trilogy of DIY Christmas Crafts! I find that creating is something I just kind of have to do: whether it’s creating a nutritious meal or solution to aContinue reading “Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub”