Staying Safe Online

A couple of weeks ago, I started a discussion on internet safety over on my Instagram feed. It reminded me of some things I’d rather forget, and renewed my conviction that staying safe while enjoying the Internet is a difficult yet oh-so-necessary task to get right. I’ve never publicly shared either of my experiences ofContinue reading “Staying Safe Online”

New year, new goals? 

I’ve been setting some goals for the year over the last few days: arranging them in categories that work for me, like ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’ and ‘books I’d like to read’. I’m a goal-driven kind of person: I love dreaming big dreams just as much as I enjoy planning the steps I need to take toContinue reading “New year, new goals? “

Thoughts before the Big Adventure

It’s the night before our Big Adventure and it feels like Christmas Eve, and also like we’re about to jump into the absolute unknown. Wow. I remember a conversation Dan and I had a few months ago. We quiz each other, every now and then, on our dreams, on where we’re going, on what weContinue reading “Thoughts before the Big Adventure”

International Women’s Day: #‎SheInspiresMe

Happy International Women’s Day! I love today, because it (and the days around it) are a chance to think about some of the great women we know as individuals and communities. It is necessary to highlight these women because gender inequality is still a problem that leads to some of most horrific abuse we knowContinue reading “International Women’s Day: #‎SheInspiresMe”


One of my heroes, who I also get to call ‘friend’ and ‘cousin’, is running a series on her blog around the word BODY. She asked me what I thought of guest-posting and immediately I felt a little weird: I knew this was going to be a tough one as there wasn’t anything to hideContinue reading “BODY: SHARING MY STORY ON WEE FRIZZ”


At the start of the week, news broke of a group of hackers who had accessed hundreds of nude photos of celebrities. They are threatening to release them all online.   I don’t want to write about the victim-blaming that has happened as a result of this: I’m tired of it. But in case itContinue reading “NUDE PHOTO HACKING, RICKY GERVAIS AND THE POWER OF WORDS”


My favourite place in Belfast is a little, warm, underground, shiny-surfaced, haven of chocolate delight. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays…I love to celebrate them at Co Couture. And one of my pals just proposed to his lovely (now) fiancee with a ring enclosed in a chocolate egg from here, too! So it felt like Christmas whenContinue reading “THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD”


Today is the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy during which 1,345 people died at a factory in Bangladesh where their safety and well-being was constantly ignored. The factory produced goods bought by many popular high-street retailers, and the pressure for the promotion of fair treatment and workers’ rights has continued since then.Continue reading “WhoMadeMyClothes?”