Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub

Happy 1st of December! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it’s here already and I’m super excited to be kicking it off with the first part of a trilogy of DIY Christmas Crafts! I find that creating is something I justΒ kind of have to do: whether it’s creating a nutritious meal or solution to aContinue reading “Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub”

Christmas Craft Collective: Alex Makes a Super Simple a Stocking

And here we are, Christmas Eve! We’re rounding the Christmas Craft Collective up (for this year) with a lovely tutorial from my wonderful friend Alex Bartholomew, owner of Bluebird Fabrics. She’s a creative genius but is also really good at making things accessible, as you shall see! You may be all set for this year,Continue reading “Christmas Craft Collective: Alex Makes a Super Simple a Stocking”


Aaaaand we’re back with another Christmas Craft. Today’s is from the lovely Mel Wiggins, who just gave her blog a makeover which you should definitely check out. Below, she shares her tips and ricks for making clay ornaments…she did this with her little munchkin Levi, so if you have kids too, roll up their sleevesContinue reading “CHRISTMAS CRAFT COLLECTIVE: MEL MAKES CLAY ORNAMENTS”

Christmas Craft Collective: Ben Makes Pom-Poms

Last weekend, Instagram was full of photos of people’s Christmas trees…some real, some fake, some decorated with craft bits and bobs and some store-bought…essentially, people were enjoying a chance to get to peep into each other’s houses and share some Christmas cheer, especially when they involved a little creativity. A couple of days later, IContinue reading “Christmas Craft Collective: Ben Makes Pom-Poms”