3 things you can do about the new Instagram algorithm

Amidst the snaps of chocolate eggs, beach walks and Easter weekend family time has come a wave of panic about Instagram’s new algorithm which was rumoured to be due to kick in on Tuesday 29th March – but as of today, Instagram are holding off and promising to let us know when they roll out theContinue reading “3 things you can do about the new Instagram algorithm”

Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together

It’s no secret that The Lyric is one of my favourite places to be. Even more so when I’m there to enjoy some musical theatre from Blunt Fringe. I knew that we were in for a treat if tonight was to be anything like The Last Five Years, and goodness…I was right. First produced byContinue reading “Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together”

Leper + Chip at The Lyric

On a crisp autumnal evening three Octobers ago, I was on a date at the Lyric with my hot neighbour – with whom I’ve just celebrated my first wedding anniversary. Lesson: if you’re looking for a love story, it’s the place to be. Tonight’s love story was a modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale brought toContinue reading “Leper + Chip at The Lyric”

The Night Alive at The Lyric

Oh, Autumn weekends just have to be my favourite. Lighting candles and crunching leaves, warming recipes and hiding out under blankets. Everything seems to be a little quieter, a little slower…and I love it. One thing that (thankfully) is doing the opposite of slowing down, however, is The Lyric’s incredible schedule of shows that justContinue reading “The Night Alive at The Lyric”

Playhouse Creatures at The MAC

I met a group of guys from Manchester looking for directions to Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter on my way to it yesterday. No wonder – it’s gorgeous, filled with trendy places to eat and drink and home to The MAC, the jewel of St Anne’s Square. I got to the venue a little early to takeContinue reading “Playhouse Creatures at The MAC”

Silent Testimony

After hearing Colin Davidson on a panel discussion at the Ulster Museum on Friday (as part of the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building’s Culture Night event – more on that here), we knew we had to go back to see his Silent Testimony exhibition. It was in part his thoughtful contributions to the panelContinue reading “Silent Testimony”

Culture Night 2015

Culture, a: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Culture, b: the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. “Culture is a cradle that holds and nourishes both the individual and the community.” Dr Eugen Kho, during a lecture on his findings from a series of projects involvingContinue reading “Culture Night 2015”

Capture NI || Causeway Coastal Route

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through August?! We may still be waiting for summer to turn up here in Northern Ireland but this weekend, Dan and I decided to make the most of what we had and explore the Causeway Coastal Route. It’s no secret that the Causeway Coast is one of our favourites, soContinue reading “Capture NI || Causeway Coastal Route”

Capture NI Holiday Read feat Pete Waugh

Ooooh this is an exciting post. I’ve known Pete for a while – he’s one of those people I have no memory of first meeting, but who has always been someone whose work and life and thoughts I respect. He’s been on a very exciting journey recently, and he agreed to share a little aboutContinue reading “Capture NI Holiday Read feat Pete Waugh”

CAPTURE NI || Holiday Packing List

So we’re about to head off on our big adventure involving 7 flights, 6 hotels, 4 countries and 2 houses! We can’t wait. I’ve told you what I’ll be listening to, and I’ll be writing about what I’ll be reading on Friday, but today I thought I’d tell you about some (local and not-so-local) goodiesContinue reading “CAPTURE NI || Holiday Packing List”