Summer 2017 Reading List

When you’re signed off work for 6 weeks in the middle of summer (however abstract a term that is in Northern Ireland!) you really need to find something to do.  I have always loved reading and find a special kind of comfort in reading when going through difficult or uncertain times: my choices here reflectContinue reading “Summer 2017 Reading List”

Know Thyself; on running your race and taking dodgy personality tests 

We decided to walk the length of Portstewart Strand and found that with each step, the beach bustle became quieter – as we passed the Windbreaker-in-any-Weather families, the enthusiastic games of “beach volleyball” (quotation marks intended), the romantic wanderers and the new puppies, the sand looked more vast and more ‘ours’. We got to theContinue reading “Know Thyself; on running your race and taking dodgy personality tests “

February Book 2: The Blessing of Cheerfulness

“In this little book a lesson is set for you, my reader. It may seem a hard lesson to learn; nevertheless, it is one you want to learn, and one you can learn…” “Everyone carries an atmosphere about him”, suggests The Rev JR Miller in “The Blessing of Cheerfulness” as he puts forward ‘cheerfulness’ as aContinue reading “February Book 2: The Blessing of Cheerfulness”

January Book 4: Things We Couldn’t Say

January’s 4th and final book was actually its third in that I started reading it after the one on Popeye people, or Holy Discontent…but I finished it last – in fact, I finished it yesterday, on the 2nd of February. Oops! The book was Things We Couldn’t Say, by Diet Eman. In a word, IContinue reading “January Book 4: Things We Couldn’t Say”

January Book 3: Undaunted

The third book I had lined up to read in January was Christine Caine’s new book, Undaunted. Caine has a fascinating life story which she draws from in the book as a means of explaining how it fuels the things she is involved in; specifically, in founding and directing the A21 Campaign, a global anti-slaveryContinue reading “January Book 3: Undaunted”

January Book 1: The Five Love Languages

OK, time to try to reach one of my 2014 goals! I finished my first book of 2014 last week. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman The child of a marriage counselling team, I couldn’t help but hear talk of love languages quite early on. I knew what the theory suggested in terms ofContinue reading “January Book 1: The Five Love Languages”