An overnight at Bullitt

Because we live close by, staying overnight in Belfast was never something I thought about – but when the opportunity came up to give Bullitt a try, Dan and I just couldn’t resist! Situated between the hustle and bustle of Victoria Square and the placidity of the Waterfront, Bullitt is exactly where you want toContinue reading “An overnight at Bullitt”

Staying Safe Online

A couple of weeks ago, I started a discussion on internet safety over on my Instagram feed. It reminded me of some things I’d rather forget, and renewed my conviction that staying safe while enjoying the Internet is a difficult yet oh-so-necessary task to get right. I’ve never publicly shared either of my experiences ofContinue reading “Staying Safe Online”

A morning with Bluebird

When I was younger, my friend Noemie used to come to my house everyday at 7.25AM (with the absolute precision that only Swiss people are capable of) so that we could walk to school together. We were hardcore school buddies, choosing to sit next to each other whenever we got the chance and dilly-dallying ourContinue reading “A morning with Bluebird”

Educating Rita at the Lyric, Belfast

It’s not unusual to come away from The Lyric Belfast with a smile on your face. But Educating Rita is an impressive blend of gorgeous staging, compelling story and energetic acting that you would be crazy to miss. Hilariously charming duo Kerri Quinn and Michael James Ford depict the story of Rita and Frank. Rita, a BelfastContinue reading “Educating Rita at the Lyric, Belfast”

Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together

It’s no secret that The Lyric is one of my favourite places to be. Even more so when I’m there to enjoy some musical theatre from Blunt Fringe. I knew that we were in for a treat if tonight was to be anything like The Last Five Years, and goodness…I was right. First produced byContinue reading “Christmas at The Lyric: Putting It Together”

Culture Night 2015

Culture, a: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Culture, b: the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. “Culture is a cradle that holds and nourishes both the individual and the community.” Dr Eugen Kho, during a lecture on his findings from a series of projects involvingContinue reading “Culture Night 2015”

Capture NI || Belfast’s Spring Market

Happy weekend, folks! Hope yours has been lovely. We aren’t taking tomorrow off but it’s still been a good’un, thanks mainly to the Spring Continental Market in Belfast. Hooray! There is only ONE thing I love more than Belfast’s Christmas Continental Market…Belfast’s SPRING Continental Market! The mix of cultures and smells and flavours and tastesContinue reading “Capture NI || Belfast’s Spring Market”

The Man In The Moon

All these beautiful people – Friends and lovers, He’s and she’s, Hims and hers All of them – gone. Last night, Dan and I went to see Man In The Moon, a play about a West Belfast man trying to make sense of life’s difficulties. Debt, brotherhood, substance abuse, family breakdown, friendship, relationship difficulties, earlyContinue reading “The Man In The Moon”


Whew! How is it mid-April ALREADY!? Hope you had a great Easter break. Ours consisted of lots of time by the sea, family gatherings, good food (first BBQ of the season!) and good old-fashioned chilling out. Oh, and we also started a business! Spring is, I think, the most visually beautiful season. I love lookingContinue reading “CAPTURENI”