My foray into natural skincare

My first crush on natural skincare came when adult acne hit me after a fairly unscathed stretch as a teenager (oh the irony!) I found the only thing that really helped to clear my skin was 100% natural mud soap, which I’ve used religiously for 7 years now. Then, when I got pregnant last year,Continue reading “My foray into natural skincare”

Be still 

“Maybe this is your time to learn to be still.” My throat tightened: “I’m not sure I know what that means.” “Well, that’s where you start.” I had just told my dad I’d been signed off work after a scary hospital stay and introduction to the term ‘complicated pregnancy’. Minutes before, my doctor had toldContinue reading “Be still “

About the time I got glasses.

I got glasses last week, and then I cried. Don’t worry: there were no tears on the brightly-lit shop floor populated by sparkly frames and chatty salespeople. Can we just pause for a minute to marvel at the art of telling a customer, in the same breath, that the pair of glasses they have triedContinue reading “About the time I got glasses.”

India: our VLOG is here!

Dan and I traveled to India in July to work with an amazing charity, gathering video and photo footage to help them tell their story well. We’re so pleased to finally be able to show you our personal vlog from our time in Tamil Nadu. The country is BEAUTIFUL – it’s busier than you canContinue reading “India: our VLOG is here!”

These are a few of my favourite things…Eléni Skincare Review

We all have rituals and habits we hold dearly. Especially when things are busy, having routines and familiar patterns can be a life-saver…which is why Eléni Skincare has been a very welcome addition to my life this past week! I’ve been enjoying an introduction to the collection of products created by Piet Meyer. Piet leftContinue reading “These are a few of my favourite things…Eléni Skincare Review”

The Merry-go-round; or I Am Enough, Part I

I think I’ve been writing this post for over a decade. Maybe that’s the problem. I was 14, making a list of things to do to make myself look better – ‘remember to pluck eyebrows once a week’, ‘always paint nails’, ‘find teeth whitener’. I was 16, planning the steps I would take to beContinue reading “The Merry-go-round; or I Am Enough, Part I”

An Interview with LINES & CURRENT

What a gorgeous weekend it’s been! I hope you’ve enjoyed the great weather and springtime buzz. It’s also the end of Belfast Fashion Week which, as per usual, has done a great job at highlighting some stunning collections, as well as celebrating the inspiration and creativity found in the local NI scene at the minute.Continue reading “An Interview with LINES & CURRENT”


There’s something profound about the impact leaving your environment has on how you relate to your environment when you return. There’s also something profoundly fun about going somewhere nice! Dan and I are LivingSocial superfans and we got a great deal on one of our favourite hotels for Christmas. Using it on Valentines weekend seemedContinue reading “A TRIP TO DONEGAL”


Ok so! Wedding DIY. We picked a beautiful venue (Riverdale Barn) that is like a pretty blank slate – and actually, if you added nothing to it, it would still be beautiful. The pond, trees (especially in Autumn!), two barns and fire pits speak for themselves. It was nice knowing that when we planned ourContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #14: WEDDING DIY”