About the time I got glasses.

I got glasses last week, and then I cried. Don’t worry: there were no tears on the brightly-lit shop floor populated by sparkly frames and chatty salespeople. Can we just pause for a minute to marvel at the art of telling a customer, in the same breath, that the pair of glasses they have triedContinue reading “About the time I got glasses.”

3 things you can do about the new Instagram algorithm

Amidst the snaps of chocolate eggs, beach walks and Easter weekend family time has come a wave of panic about Instagram’s new algorithm which was rumoured to be due to kick in on Tuesday 29th March – but as of today, Instagram are holding off and promising to let us know when they roll out theContinue reading “3 things you can do about the new Instagram algorithm”


People usually give up things for Lent. My friend Sarah, on the other hand, decided to take on the challenge of blogging every day (just as she has returned to work after having the cutest little baby boy!) on different themes around faith. She invited me to guest post today on the topic of ‘charity’.Continue reading “CHARITY: LOVE IN ACTION”


I was shopping with some birthday money a couple of weeks ago and came across something new. I knew sizes were getting smaller in UK shops from shopping online, but it wasn’t until I saw a nice sparkly top in Primark that I had a closer look and realised that instead of 8 being theContinue reading “WOMEN: DON’T BE SMALL”

Elliot Rodger & Gender Violence

This weekend, news broke of the deaths of 7 people in Isla Vista, California. One of these was thought to have killed the other 6 with 3 weapons.  It has emerged that the person who killed 4 men on his way to and 2 women in a sorority house associated with UCSB, was Elliot Rodger. AsContinue reading “Elliot Rodger & Gender Violence”


Hello from the last day of a GREAT week of #nomoretraffik awareness & action! Can’t believe it’s almost over. The STOP THE TRAFFIK NI community groups have been leaflet dropping, dressing models (more on that later), giving chocolate to their local council members, hosting information sessions all across Northern Ireland! I tweeted from @NoMoreTraffik yesterday, essentially just gushingContinue reading “UNIFYNI FASHION SHOWCASE”


According to my wedding planning app I should have begun a beauty regime two weeks ago, allowing myself 6 months of grooming and pruning to turn me into The Most Beautiful Bride of All Time or, at the very least, The Most Beautiful I Have Ever Looked. I should already be upping my vitamins, supplementsContinue reading “BRIDE BLOG #3: BEHIND SCHEDULE IN BECOMING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE OF ALL TIME”


Because a little girl, once she’s beat, won’t fight back. http://vimeo.com/21076799 Bright spark: people like those who run Stella’s House. They give us hope. The ability the girls have to look straight into the camera – they are rebuilding their lives. Practical step: donate to Stella’s House, or think about how you can reduce vulnerabilityContinue reading “MISSING GIRLS OF MOLDOVA”