Cutting corners at Christmas

“Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.” I’ve just realised how true this is! The week between Christmas and New Year brings a natural lull with it, a chance to breathe a little between the festivities and before a new leaf is turned. I’ve taken the opportunity to ‘cut corners’ a little. Let someone else take Baby B for a nap walk, take a day off kitchen duty and stock up on Ella’s pouches. Ease the cleaning for a day or two, have a day bath. Pop a hat over unstyled hair, leave some things on the to-do list. It’s been bliss. I’m an achiever and a perfectionist and I’m learning that I don’t need to do all the things all the time. In fact, whether it not I do says absolutely nothing about me. Ooof. That’s a big one. I’m hoping to take it into 2019 with me. I – we – need margin. We don’t need to push ourselves all the time, to squeeze out every last drop. What would it look like for you to let some of your ‘can do’s be ‘can do’s instead of ‘should do’s this year?

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