31 weeks! Each week is a celebration – there have been times when I’ve not been sure we’d make it this far. But we have, and Baby Brown is growing tall (?!) and strong. I live a strange paradox: this complicated pregnancy has brought me to my knees and there are elements of it that I can’t wait to close the chapter on. But as much as I just can’t wait to meet Baby Brown, I also want to relish these last few weeks of precious time together: the kicks, the scans, the (fairly one-sided) little chats, the bump, the dreaming. I think every day of what a privilege to carry my little child inside me and I wouldn’t trade it for an easier path. 

“Waiting” is a big theme in pregnancy – semblant inactivity while something significant is bubbling under the surface (or bump!), time flying by and yet 9 months seeming SO long, an intense mix of challenge and joy. These words from a letter to the Romans in the Bible have taken on a new dimension for me during these weeks:

“Waiting does not diminish us. We are enlarged (no kidding!) in the waiting… The longer we wait, the more joyful our expectancy.”

We all know what it is to wait. I hope you, too, are “enlarged” in your waiting – enlarged in inextinguishable hope, unexpected comfort, and maybe even joy. 

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